Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why there is no Confession Chamber in Canada?

The Catholic Church is spreading only the gospels of Luke, John, Mark and Matthew.There are many things which Jesus told, not reported in these gospels. Bernaba's Gospel which is concealed by the Church tells that Jesus was only a messenger of God , not God. A copy of Barnaba's Bible and the Gospel of Magdaline Mary is available now in Canada library. Of late, Jehova Witnesses believe and pray only to God, not to Jesus. The Church followed the system that the confession is to be made to a priest, a man, they believed as the representative of God. The priest is as sinned as the sinner, the confessor. The penalty they gave for the sin was remitting certain amount of money. The rich can do any amount of sin and remit money for pardon. The rich bought /purchased pardon from the church. This is called Sale of Indulgences. The local priest packed all these sins, sent to their cardinal house, and they to their higher “ spiritual “ centers .The Church did this for 1600 years until Martin Luther and Calvin protested the sale of indulgences. Now, here in Canada, the Christians are not going to any priest for any confession. They are breaking the Confession Chamber once considered sacred. So , for 1600 years the sins of the people were not forgiven!!! Who will remedy this? Who is accountable? Why did the Church misguided the people for so many centuries? The Church by their ignorance guided the sinners without their sins getting pardoned! This is a very serious thing. The sinner has to pray God Almighty direct for their sins to be forgiven. No Church, no priest, no Gatherings has any right to pardon the sins. Only God.