Saturday, March 24, 2012

Thanks to Stephen Harper, the cleanest conservative

Brampton is at the 47th in Greater Toronto Area. What could be the reasons?

Too many samosa factories making poor air quality;
No arts and culture ,making culture points zero- Indians are the only community in the world available for overtime job even on his day of marriage.
Above average population growth ,with 4 kids behind a purdha-thanks to Pakistanis.
Too many flex boards:" We are help moving you- Call Jasbinder. Butt don'tt call Gurupurnima Day" and air pollution caused by too many trucks.

Ottawa is the best city to live in GTA:

Thanks to Stephen Harper, the cleanest conservative.
Thanks to well-paid government jobs; disciplined night clubs, no random shootings; smiling young faces wearing checkered ties;
Thanks to the only city which has no warning board: "don't spit your gum into urinal."

And Burlington is the cleanest city to live in GTA:

Hey , how are you today? Good? that is good.
Thanks to the sunset beer parlours with nicely cut organic pork steaks.
Too much spaces.
Negative population growth- Babies means money; Babies means sacrifice of enjoyable life;

But Canada, why my city Calgary is the city of infidelity?
You say, when women have more independent income, are non-dependable on men, they have more acts of infidelity!
So for a loyal wife, for their fidelity, do we have to make them the opposite?