Monday, March 26, 2012

Fear of Death

Time and Space are worldly systems, and if we are bound by these we will have the fear of death; the agony of death always follows us, always, wherever we are. On the other hand, if our thoughts and actions are submitted to the Eternal , only to the Eternal, we will have no worry of space, no worry of time, and so we don't have to worry about Death.

This is the only answer.No other way. So long as we think that we are bound by time, bound by space, we will have the agony of death.
All the time. That is true.
The problem is we humans always think what happens to us. This "us" is the problem. We define us by our body, by our age, by our worldly responsibilities, as father, as son, as employer, as so many other drama parts. We never think that something that makes "us" is eternal.
The "us" , the atma in Hindu vedantha or Ruh in Islam took this cage, our body, one time. The cage will perish.The " us" will abandon this body. So the "us" has no death. The cage only perishes.

But we have polluted the" us" part with our bad karma, bad deeds. It cannot go to the origin in the purest form. It has to be cleansed, it has to be washed off sins.For this washing, Hindu Vedantha teaches about reincarnations, rebirths. Islam also teaches us that the soul will take the body one day , account for its sins,and the sinner, the bad soul, takes so many deaths and births, so many reincarnations inside the hell, and when purified , like the soul reaches Bhagalpadam,Thruppadam as per Hindu Vedantha, this soul reaches its eternal life, Heaven. This is my humble understanding.
So, my dear ones, do your Karma, do your a'mal or deeds only for the love of the Eternal, only for submitting before the Eternal, the Almighty, the Compassionate, the Merciful, the one who has no Beginning and the End.