Saturday, March 24, 2012

Veer Bhagath Singh Amar Rahe. Martyrs Never Die

the history of our freedom struggle is replete with acts of courage, sacrifice and dedication to the cause of freedom. the heroes of our freedom struggle were thousands and thousands, they came from every nook and corner of the country, from different backgrounds and religious beliefs. an intense love for their country and a keen desire to see it free from British imperialism permeated all their existence. some of them laid down their lives and immortalised themselves. it is difficult to enumerate the names of all these patriots as a number of them would always remain anonymous and their names will never find mention in the pages of history.

Our tributes to the valiant sons of our soil who sacrificed their lives for our motherland. martyrs never die. veer bhagath singh amar rahe. veer bhagath singh dropped bomb against the British. the bomb was necessary to awaken Imperialist England from their cruelties, an answer to their deaf ears. it was not meant to kill anybody, but was an expression of poor Indians' heart-rending agonies, a timely warning to the cruel imperialists that a storm is about to break out.

inquilab zindabad.