Saturday, March 3, 2012

We are Prozac Nation

Here we are not interested in Tawba,repentance, the act of seeking God's forgiveness.
Earlier we had a Tawba culture.We account for our wrong actions and seek Tawba of God Almighty.We clean our mind and heart with Tawba and resolve that the errors will not be repeated.

We used to pray five times a day;chant God's attributes after every salath, namaz, and say asthagufirullahal adheem ,forgive Allah, praise Allahu subhanawa talla for the blessings of Allah,Subhanallah,thank Allah for all favours received,
alhamdulillah,and acknowledge that all powers are from God, only from God, God is great,Allahu Akbar.

We used to say this each 33 times after every prayer and finally declare God's Unity, La ilaha illallah, that there is no one to be worshipped, except God Almighty, the creator of all universe.

After every salath we pray for right guidance-right guidance comes only from God- we pray for parents, for our children, family and for all. We pray for good and useful knowledge, right guidance, and for food earned from our hard work and halal.
When Salath or prayer is done, we are happy, energised,and renewed.We find the purpose of our life, here and hereafter.There is 'noor' or light in every cell of our body-Allah nooru samavathi val ardhu, God, the light of heavens and earth-.We have our full life, happy life, every day.

Now asking God's forgiveness is considered bad. science is our religion now. We say there is no wrong nor good. You are the judge. You did it in your full conviction, isn't it? So, don't ask for pardon. Asking pardon increases the guilt in you and it lowers your self-esteem. You did it right. Thumps Up!

No guilt. No pardon. No Tawba.

But our wrong actions haunt us. Our soul knows what is wrong and right.Even before the origin of religions, prophets, men had morals and ethics. There is an innate quality in every human being to differentiate good and bad. That is a gift of God.Our wrong actions had always made us guilty.
Now we do not pray. No Tawba.

Like Lizzie, we lose our sleeps, develops anxiety, go downward spiral and begins to abuse drugs and alcohol. We are depressed . Anxiety mounts in us everyday. Our silent moments are really fierce. We cannot be with us even for a moment.
After a few tries of drugs, our depression only worsens. We lash out against anything, internally. We assume anything as our enemies- boss,neighbours,friends-and call them abusive words and act hitting them in the privacy of our bed rooms.

Finally, somebody drops us at a phychiatric center to begin our Prozac Life.

They refer us to counsellors. Before counsellors we release everything for a set amount of time and for a fixed charges. Talk and talk. After one hour or so , the counsellor takes money and we get up for the next patients.
Psychotherapists or counsellors do not condemn our actions nor do they offer solutions. The counsellor ends his dialogue after the patient's time and
leave the person alone with his grief, anxiety and misery.

This is the modern way, the scientific way!

We are the lost people.
We are Prozac Nation.