Thursday, August 15, 2013

Is democracy the rule of the people or the rule of the westernised government ?

"We are willing to die for freedom."
by Azeez KS

My dear brother Hassan Aboo Ahmed, what is going on there in your Egypt? Why they crackdown the democratically elected govt.? Why Arab countries, except Iran and Turkey are silent? Why Saudi Mujahids (Salafis) are funding the military coup, Why Saudi Salafis are always anti- Muslim and supporting the US, everywhere? Are they worried that this democ...
ratisation shall spread to their Sulanates and Kingdoms ? Why they call Brotherhood ,an organisation which has grass root support over the Garibees, the poor of the Egypt, a dangerous organisation?

The western media spread here in Canada that that they are against women going to school, against women working and that they want to impose Shariath.

What is going on there br, my dear Cairo br?

I am sad for you. I support your struggles for reinstating your democratically elected government. I am sad that the riot police backed by armoured vehicles, bulldozers and helicopters swept away the camps of Morsi supporters. They killed about 500 people. Five hundred in a single day ! I am anxious that this may cause to spark street battles in your Cairo and other cities. It was a large scale assault. I am sad that innocent women, men and children are slaughtered.

Damn Military Junta.

The western-backed Military Junta, supported by treacherous Saudis, sponsored the rebels and they were occupying the Squares for months. Morsi didn’t crack down them. Now why this peaceful sit- in camps of Morsi supporters are brutally attacked and bullets rained on their shelters? How could this people fire innocent women and children?

I appreciate the echo of your people “ We are all ready to die for our freedom.”

It is true that the violence drew condemnation from other Muslim countries and the UN.
The interim president , former head of the UN nuclear agency, has resigned in protest.
Br, your Egypt was reigned by Military for 61 years, yes, 61 years, except one year by this Dr. Morsi. And the crime against Morsi : He didn’t correct the economy ! He didn’t create much jobs !. He gave the Brotherhood, his party, undue influence;they spread the news that Islamists are against minority Christians. That is, they gave this baby government of Morsi just one year to correct the malaise of 60 years. Is this a reason for coup against him?
Bull shit.

Is democracy the rule of the people? Or is democracy the rule of the westernised government ?