Saturday, August 9, 2014

A letter in the Hindu dt today Aug 7 On the Burqa
Abdul Azeez , Kochi ( This is me )

Burqa is not a compulsary Islamic dictate for women. It is not a law anywhere in the 51 Islamic countries barring Saudi Arabia and Afghanistan. We haven't seen Muslim women clad in Burqa even in Malabar. It is a Saudi import, a product of globalized Islam. Last week we saw Arab women lamenting at the loss of thei...r kids in Palestine .Nowhere do we see them veiled. Are those Arab women doing a haram( a forbidden thing ) ? No.

Muslim girls need to go to school. They need to work and support themselves and the family. They have to live gently even if the men execute their Islamic right of Triple Talaq. They want to learn from other communities and grow socially and educationally. They are not the slaves of men, are not to bear their kids and calm them with sex. Muslim woman, like any other women in the world, is a social being, not a clothed-substance. They are not a commodity purchased by Muslim men.

They may choose to sit home veiled. They can travel outside veiled. But when they sit in an office serving the public or when they come out for executing their voting rights , their identity is a social identity. When the law asks their identity, they can't hide it in the name of Islam. Sarcosy of France only asked this. France is not against Muslim women covering their body, or wearing hijab.

Madhavi Menon only strenghtens the fundamentalists and Islamic Saudis and Wahabis by her comparing burqa-sociability with " not speaking clearly, not speaking at all...'.

What a harm Menon.

Abdul Azeez