Monday, May 20, 2013

Is he not right?

Our fathers sacrificed for this country. They challenged their life on a yacht for months to cross the Atlantic to land this freezing land mass. They had no heating system as you have now, nobody welcomed them. The Aboriginals killed many of our fathers. They fought back. Thousands yielded to pneumonia, plague, tuberculosis, depression, anxiety and agony of separation. They didn’t turn back  as they were courageous, great adventurers.
They built everything here over the centuries.
They built power stations. Airports; built factories, houses and civilizations.
They hoped that their children will have a safe country, a prosperous country respecting their  values and ideals.
When everything was set in motion, you people started coming in. We were so broad and we gave you a warm welcome. You lived in our houses. You brought in your families, thousands of them, and your relatives, cousins ,and we provided them employment in our factories. You proliferated, five and six kids in each family. Slowly you encroached into our settlements, displaced us from our jobs, and we were forced to move far away. Whatever we save here, we spend . That was not much, though. Our system treated you at par, gave the same rights, awarded you the same wage structure, same dignity, same justice system, same everything.
That’s OK, no complaints.
But you do not spend whatever you save here,  you don’t spend money on Canadian clothes, on Canadian foods, or on anything Canadian. Whatever you save here, you do not spend, you save and send them back . Do you think this country as dear as yours? Why are you not assimilating as we did? Why are you making a cultural island within this big nation. Sure, this is multicultural, that is because of our greatness. It is a respect offered by us.

Go to any govt., you can see hundreds of people lining up for filling up welfare papers. Can you blame us when we doubt that you take advantage of all governmental schemes? You are eligible here for free education, free health, unemployment benefits, child benefits, old age benefits, family benefits and what not. All the budget money is spent for making you assimilate, making you Canadians. Do you live up to their expectations?

Now government say they have no funds for schools, they cut their school funding, they lay off teachers and schools are going on sale to Multinational Corporations.

Hundreds of thousands of refugees come to this land, we welcome them, we don’t send them back, though we have a question: Why don’t they go to their neighbouring countries? Because we know they send them away, but we are not. They are illiterate and we make use of our Tax schools,  our Tax hospitals and all Tax facilities to transform them. Govt. gives them legal helps to fight for refugee status, free lawyers to establish their status, monthly money until they establish, permit to work anywhere…Where on this earth such a facility is possible!
But unfortunately some of them pause a threat to our security.
We had many good chains of western restaurants. They are on the verge of closure. Taco, Edo, Nando A&W are not running a good show.

Hey man, now you ask me : " Where do we have an Indian restaurant?"

Fuck you.