Friday, May 3, 2013

Dear Kozhikkoottukkar,

I know Kozhikkoottukar are very loving and compassionate. You try to help others in your humble way and are very empathetic. I had worked in a bank in India for some years and I noticed a lady who is very loving and compassionate, unlike us. She was from Calicut. That was in 1985; I know you Kozhikkoottukar since then. My best dream in life was to marry from Calicut. But that didn't happen. I tried, but Kozhikkottukar didn't believe us Ernakulathukar. But if that lady is brought here where I am living now , I am sure, she will have to behave differently here, her attitude towards others totally changed.

What happens in  a mechanised society? We believe that our philosophy is the best. Sure, we help, we give, we care, we do everything. We do charity. But our philosophy toward suffering of others is not like yours.

When you are successful in your life, it is your success. You made it. Congratulations!.

When you failed, its is your failure. you are responsible. We say, you failed to make use of the opportunities. You could have become Bill Gates, you could have become Obama, a Wal Mart, an owner of a Chain...Sky was your limit. But you failed, because you failed to use of the wise use of the opportunities. You failed to change your attitude!.

You are poor, because you chose to be. Poverty is your fault.
So we don’t care the sufferers. We believe that we are acutally letting down them by caring them.

I was travelling in a bus, and I found a man fell down inside the bus when the driver applied the brake. What we do normally? We try to help him get up, don’t we? Nobody got up to help him. The driver sitting there asked him whether he is ok, if he needs medical help. Alll official. I reached him to help him get up. But I am not allowed to touch his body without his permission.

We too love, but we have a different kind of love. Is it not?
-Azeez KS