Saturday, February 4, 2012

In Vitro Life

What do we do for a good life?

A simple life is the solution. But life is now a complicated business. It is an entangled spiderweb. No easy escape. No formulae.

Our glory and life is cast on money, how much we possess, how "decent' our life is.

Our day starts with fluride, a byproduct-contaminant thrown away from the American aluminium manufacturing industries. They put it to use adding in paste replacing our " mavila and umikkari and kutampuli." They declared war with the germs of our mouth. Bomb the germs with fluride! But the fluride bombs not only killed our poor mouth germs, which could have been simply washed off with a mango leaf, but it destroyed our endocrine systems. It caused cancer and "gifted" our baby girls with early puberty! Now we all are fluride slaves.

They, then sprayed fluride contaminants to our foods, vegies, leaves and other food stuffs. Now those " thayolis" say flurides are very dangerous. They say bottle water is no better than well water, even worse, because bottled water is made "pure" with fluridization and adding other highly effective germ- killing chemicals.
Now we have no wells in our homes. Only pipe lines.

Now they market the idea that the only drinkable water is the water purified by reverse osmosis.What the fuck is it! Reverse- osmosised-water for health!

And we idiots will buy that ideas, too, in a few years believing that "science and research had found it!!!"
Prisoners of science and research!
And we ask what is the " solution" .
Return to nature. Live a simple life. Believe that our Ruuh or Atma is the essence. Save it. Purify it. Do some good for others. Save your soul. Get ready for the final journey. Stop being greedy.We don't have to save for hundred generations. Let those generations do their part of living in this earth too than squandering their "thanthas" wealth and destroying this earth.
Take only what you need from the nature. Stop amassing wealth. Stop being a prey to the business ideas of transnational corporations. Understand that complicated modernism is not a great thing to talk about.
Be simple.
Even if you own the assets of the whole world, one day you have to depart leaving everything here.
Death has no time line. It will visit us any time. Any time. Then you may not get time for towba, repentence. Get ready now, now.
God counts only our intentions and good deeds. Not the wealth left over.