Monday, December 19, 2011

Refusal to lift veil by Muslim women for Canadian Citizenship Oath

Why Muslims are making problems everywhere? I have always thought about this .

Last Friday, I felt very sad when a group of women resisted lifting their veils for Canadian Citizenship Oath. Why the heck they come here to Canada! Why don't they stay in Pak or Arab land?
Finally the government had to pass the law that they will not be qualified for Canadian citizenship if they hide their identity.
Congratulation Government Canada.
But Canadian government is still liberal not to deport them. They allowed them to have their Permanent Resident status.
I remember an incident. A muslim lady, in her English class, asked her teacher some doubts of the subjects taught. The teacher couldn't hear her. He asked her, madom, could you please lift the veil and ask your doubt, which she denied. She asked again under the veil, the master repeated the same. Then she left the class and complained to the authorities against him for discrimination and the curtailment of the fundamental rights.

What a situation!
The refugees run from their country for their lives, and the West host them. When they are settled, happy and secured ,they stand against the rule of the country. They are thankless people; Are they Muslims? I don't think. Muslims should obey the law of the land they live.
The refugees coming here are given all religious rights, and benefits. They are given the service of the best lawers and even the legal fees for fighting their cases. The government gives all religious rights to Muslims. No discrimination,unlike Islamic countries.
I was amazed to read ,a few months ago, that in an Ontario school the school authorities supply halal food in the school mess for the convenience of the Muslim students. They even allowed a maulavi for Juma prayer inside the school. This is unimaginable in any other countries. I studied in a Muslim school; even there we had to walk 3 kilometers to attend Juma prayer.

I had another experience. In Calgary, there is a biriyani restaurant . It is run by a UP, India, Muslim. He serves halal food. He is a young man , clean shaven. I found that there are a few customers in that shop. I asked him why, didn't you advertise, didn't you distribute flyers in the mosques. He said, I did everything. But nobody visits. I asked why? His answer worried me so much: The Muslims here believe that I do not serve halal food because, even if they believe that I am a Muslim, I don't have long beard and long dress ( the real halal dress code of a halal shop owner) like Pakistani Muslims . Even if they believe that I am a Muslim, they doubt about my food! Where are we now?