Sunday, September 25, 2011

We party every week.
A lot of drinks, eats and trash talks, till late at night.
Often insultingly or abusively about the persons we meet.
Talk about women,about their body and engage in coitus, though in words.
We enjoy talking others' failures.
We enjoy the tricks we played at them and boast about our intellect's sharpness.
So many hours. Just junk talks.
The partying energises everybody, so it seems.Or I say, stimulate well.
That's the goodness of the partying.
We say we release our stresses.We say we deflate our pent up turbulent emotions.
We believe we are renewed.
We are right . We come silent,sad and go merry. Great.
We all become one.
But we plunge into meloncholy the next day. A steep and rapid fall. It needs a week for a similar, merry day.
At the party there is no room for simple talks. No room for mild loving talks. All exertions. The best exerted, wins.
I fail.Always.
I dream of a day when a small number of people gather lovingly together. With absolute purity and sanctity.No gain talks. No trash.
I don’t think it will work. Nobody has the time.
I think of a day of gathering withtheir hearts not tied to this gain of the world.
I wish if they gather experiencing love of the people , vibrate in the magnetic forces of the divine;all becoming one, the Great Unity.
No room here.This is a party house. A bar. A club.
I wish if we all go inward to the depth of the heart for a moment instead of exerting outward, and witness the eternal bliss of the great creator.
I believe.
A day will come when one enlightened soul will be preferable to thousand other souls.