Sunday, September 25, 2011

A few petro-corporates are controlling the energy supply of the whole world.And they have different policy in different countries. The price-fixation is not based on the global market always.Even if it is, they create wars and civil wars to increase or decrease the supply and price of crude.They pay huge commissions and payouts to the corrupt governments. When it was not easy to loot crude from Libya, they sponsored alleged Islamic terrorists, called the event democracy- building and finally placed a puppet govt in Libya.In Angola they did. In Congo they do. We are amazed to read that within 2 weeks of launching a war in Libya ( that is in March), the rebels started selling oil, and Qatar bought their oil. The US and the Western imperialism are terrorising Iran, Venezula,and Latin American countries.They made a coup in Iran in 1953 against Mossadeghgovt who nationalised Iranian oil, and placed a puppet Shaw governement, which was overthrown in 1979 by Khomeni Revolution.During the Cold War they did war to save people from communism. Now they changed communism to terrorism. When they needed crude they supported a Pipeline Democracy, severed Balkan countries and built pipeline without touching Russia and Iran.In Canada where I live, we have to pay $ 1.64 ( about Rs 75) for a small cup of coffee, whereas they give us one litre of petrol for one dollar( Rs 45).