Saturday, June 25, 2011

In our community, no dowry, only gold!

In Kerala, state of India where I am from, poor Muslim girls are living a miserable life.A poor father finds it very difficult to send his daughters in marriage, because the minimum gold to be gifted is 100 sovereigns. It is going up.

Unfortunately, if three or four daughters are born, he is a cursed father.. The situation is very grave. The land mafia, the real estate brokers , unethical traders and politicians present huge amount of gold and luxury cars in marriage, causing a demonstration effect .

So a poor father has only two ways.
Either be like them and make money, which is impossible, or sink his daughters off in sea, as my mother used to say crying, and glorify that Islam is the religion which raised the glory of women!

Mujahids, Jamaathe Islami are boasting that Islam is against dowry, and that there is no dowry in their Islamic model Saudi Arabia. So they do not gift money to the boys, but only gold! Because of the exposed space constraint, the new trend is to wear gold-studded purdah.

Parents of Muslim boys prefer girls employed in government sectors.Not a bad thing. If the girls are post graduates, advocates, CAs,ICWAs,or other professionals,wa, the best.But one condition: The girl should be 19 or 20 or... OK, 21. Never, ever more.

Nobody thinks about this. No Salafi ladies, no Jamaath purdaites. No Chandrika Mahilas. Sure, no oppressed Sunni women.They dream of a world of Islamic Sharia when everything will be alright. So, they are interested more in Convertion Festivals when any Hindu girl embraces Islam, or some Jew scientists in America discover that marriage at the age of 16 is very very healthy!!!They are not interested in the pathetic state of Muslim women.

simple folks: eat biriyani,engage in petty amusements and laugh days off.
Finally hope to purify souls with a holy hajj.
Easy way!