Sunday, November 10, 2013

Curse Words

When I started my life in this snow country I was so excited to stay in the cold, walk in the virgin snow and take a deep breath of the whole vastness and take a snap to show my wife. I lavishly used all gorgeous words to scribble my poems about this cool world, charming nature, white mountains and green meadows. 
I published one article “ calgariyile vasanthavum….” about how I liked this winter and beautiful Canada.
I slowly evolved.
I have never used a dirty word like our Malayalam *** in my entire life in Kerala. But now I am graduate in all curse words in Canada.
It appears automatically in my writings too. My son complained me one day that he is ashamed to read my blog containing the bad words.
I smiled silently , the Krishna Smile.
Curse words are real tools to vent out our anger, hatred and emotions. They add spice to the languages and give kick to life. How can we express our ill feelings with puritan niceees, without the dirt sinking to our hearts?
We are not the people doing the god-businesses, right?
The poor, the downtrodden, the sick and the beggar in the street cannot use the flowery languages of the one living in the ivory tower.
Language evolves with life.
Almost every day, I go to the downtown and spend some time with the Red Indians , the natives.
There are hundreds of homeless natives in the downtown. They are happy and nice to use the gentle words till the end of the November; they say hi to the police. They obey the police without any resistance. The nice summer slowly vanishes to the bitter cold.
They have no homes, in fact, the government say, they choose to be homeless. When the cold bites they come to the railway stations, but have to leave out as the police arrive; they curse the police damn police; pissed off. When the winter is bitter, they call the City asshole and the mayor  ***Nenshi.
They line up before the Street Church to get the free berger and hot dog but use the curse words at the church for giving the same bread and hot dog every week.  *** the Church, they curse, when their tummy’s full.
I have noticed a change in their language when I pass by them. They use very gentle language when they ask the usual question : can you spare a dollar.
I stand there, remove my five layers of jackets and two gloves to find the purse ( I am still an Indian, you know, I keep the valuables inside my innermost of my inners ) and give two dollars. They are very happy and say “ thank you so much.”
If I walk away hesitating to remove my winter layers they call the curse words in silent tone: *****PUNJABI ( pu is pronounced like our punchiri in Malayalam ).
To them, Indians mean  Punjabis. They are Red Indians, the real Indians , and how can they call ***ing East Indians Indians ?
There is a joke in Canada that the homeless people invented this curse words during a winter.
It surprised me a lot that this curse words are used even for good things. When my friend Ross comes on Monday after the weekend, he says, ‘I got a movie, a French classic, oh man, I ate that s**t up.’
We use the word Jesus with so much respect. When I hear the name Jesus, customarily as a Muslim, I say ‘ peace be upon him’.The white people too say Jesus every now and then with respect. We don't hear full Jesus but Jees,  J.....S . But I was shocked one day when I heard them say *** with respect !

My Canadian-born Bimlesh talks like this : When I was driving ***home the *** driver turned his *** car and hit my *** bonnet. Asshole.

*** in every breath !