Saturday, July 30, 2011

Ramadhan is just here. Sat.Sun- Just two days.
It was rush at the video shops. Rush, rush- have to watch three four CDs before the day breaks.
Speciality fry needs a hard sun to digest. Push it in before the fast.
Hey holy Ramadan, we plan to welcome you on Monday. See our plans. Woh. Don't show up on Sunday to collapse our chilling and enthusiastic events planned for the weekend.
Counter Questions:
Don't we have to have an attitude of pious mind and an attitutde of fasting before the fast?
Why we are very material till the last moment? Is Ramadan a month of investment earmarked to reap the bonanza? Is it an imposed slavery?
Are we better than an alcoholic who swallows the final sip before he enters a dry area?