Saturday, November 26, 2011

Eveyday , when I go for job, I look at the Wal Mart mega shopping empire here at my place and get shocked to understand that this Bheeman is going to replace our corner shops and small small village shops.The bad joke is our own people will make charts and reports of "margins" and "profits" if we shop at Wal Mart.Wal Mart sells all goods, 90 % of all goods, that are made in China sweat- shops. Nothing is made in Canada or US; absolutely nothing. So, if Wal Mart India can import items from China, Korea, Taiwan, Bengladesh and other low-waged countries, and fill their shelves,it is not the shops alone that are going to be closed but many of our manufacturing and small scale industires. The Fucking politicians always get their share. No democratic protests work.People need to device new ways of protests. Democratic protest is a failure in India because democratically elected MPs and MLAs and politicians are the lobbyists for MNCs and, did you notice, all political parties talk always about big bridges, 45- metre roads and big big projects-means big money for them for generations and rule of dynasty in a democracy.