Tuesday, August 16, 2011

ബൊന്‍സായ് ജന്മങ്ങള്‍
Dear Sabitha teacher,
I read your poems. All of them.
Trust me, all are very beautiful poems. All gems.
You are a talented poet capable of using words majestically.
I liked your poems because they talk to the heart , are very emotional, and extend far inward.
The main thread of all your poems, as it seems, is that life is very beautiful, dreamy, romantic until we start living. When we live a life it turns unpleasantly coarse at some point of time. We feel a sense of loss. And sometimes we long for things , or persons of our imaginations, or some nostalgic situations of the past.( mayilanchi. mazha, old student, neela virippu etc)
No way.
So our unmanifested imaginations or dreams end up as blank stare through the half-open window to the darkness , sitting inside our own dark chamber of the mind( sisiram)
Or, a dark sigh, a few drops of salty tears, shed unnoticed, and a final wake up to the present life when a phone rings or kid cries.
That's it.
You have narrated with charm the life of coexistence of opposing attitudes and feelings of life.
How you enjoyed once the beauty of rain, how it made you romantic one time, now turned a disturbance and a trouble!
How you dreamed of a woman , all spread, everywhere, now turned a Bonsai, pruned, controlled and left inside a home as a fancy presentation!
Even the shortest poems are sweet and some, humorous (aaraam periodile, achan oru kuuttil)
I enjoyed all your poems.
I felt deeply disturbed when I read " penjanmam". My drop of tears for Bonsai.
I wish you all the best.
Your poems are of good quality and stand up to the standard of good poems.
Hope one day you'll be able to publish them.
My prayers.