Sunday, March 14, 2010
Good writeup on International Women's Day.Share sorrows of women and tortures they face all over the world ,all the time.
You empower women with your great message to say NO.
Good read for all.
I too, as a man, share the same feel.
But there’s another half of the story hid , or safely casketed that in almost all women-tortures ,may be the the only exception being rape, there is a woman behind it.
I remember my childhood days when my mother, now late, sit outside the kitchen step at night and cry miserably.She cried for years.We children sit beside her. I feel very emotional even now. My mother was tortured by her mother- in- law and sisters- in- law.
In Muslim community, women are tortured for insufficient amt of dowry, for her inability to cook tasty meals and for many petty things. Almost in all cases, the Talaq is initiated by father-in-law and mother- in- law together, not necessarily by the husband. If the new bride delays to present a baby ( preferably a baby boy) exactly in a period of one year, the mother-in- law starts murmuring, then after one more year she calls her barren, and father-in-law abuses the d-in-l’s family for ‘cheating’ their son.
Even in government offices where we work, the number one ‘para’ of women are women themselves.
I live in a country where I see women hunt their best friends' BFs/Hubbys.
We cannot hide these things under the carpet and shout at men for all women- sufferings.