Tuesday, January 5, 2010

ഹിന്ദു ചായ,മുസ്ലിം പത്തിരി

"Hindu chaya Muslim pathiri" of Vineeth in jokercircus is a shock reading. As a Muslim I do not feel that I have been severed from the mainstream community.When I live in a closed Muslim community I never have chances for higher education, cultural refinement, and love- for- all attitude. We gain all these with the association of Hindu communities. We learn many things from Hindus.We are better Muslims here than other Muslims in other countries just because our culture is basically Indian.
We are thankful to our Hindu brothers for our refined Islam, for our secular mind.
Hindus always love us.They never hated us.
No Hindus hate us because we pray five times or we believe in Allah, which is not an idol.
If they hate us now, if they deem us a danger I believe there should have some reasons for them.
Hindus, great Hindus, gave us free land and all helps for building our mosques for our worship. Why they are different now?
Each Muslim should think about the reasons for this mindset-shift.